Prairiesky Labradors

BEWARE: There are a lot of bad breeders, puppy mills and backyard breeders out there who are just out to make money. Many times they keep their dogs in very poor conditions and most don't spend a lot of time choosing their breeding dogs or do any genetic testing for inheritable diseases. This can result in is a poor quality dog that may be sick or have a genetic defect  Below are some guidelines in choosing a responsible breeder:
  • Screens for heritable diseases
  • Knowledge of genetics
  • Dogs healthy and well socialized.
  • Does not breed extremely young or old dogs.
  • Breeds dogs in their home as part of the family.
  • Never sells puppies to a dealer or pet shop.
  • Will take back any dog from their breeding.
  • Mother on site with the puppies.
  • Doesn't breed more than a few different breeds.
  • Member of a club and/or shows their dogs in dog shows.
  • Screens and councils puppy buyers.
  • Doesn't always have puppies.
  • Welcomes visits prior to taking the puppy home.
  • Provides AKC papers with every puppy, no papers no puppy.
  • Pet quality dogs are sold on a limited registration!.
The definition of a reputable dog breeder is one who has the best interests of the breed at heart!.
Below is a check list of a good breeder:
A good breeder will take your time,
A bad breeder will take your money!